The A - Z Guide: Veterans VA Disability Benefits
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The A to Z Guide to
Military Veterans VA & SSA
Disability Benefits

A Compendium of Practical Knowledge
About VA & SSA Disability Benefits

The A to Z Guide to Military Veterans Benefits
is a work in progress, just as it has always been.  The VA benefits landscape is constantly shifting so we try to keep up.

This guide has but one goal: We try to keep you informed about the reality of obtaining the benefits you've earned.

As we update this guide in 2014 we know that VA has become more adversarial than any time in the past. Some veterans have an easy time of it and receive their benefits in a few short months.

Most veterans (about 70% of you) will be denied or lowballed and have to appeal and you may be tied up for years.

In this guide we hope to show you the best approaches to filing and managing your VA and SSA benefits. You have to do your share. If you don't read through this stuff, we can't help you to help yourself. We may be able to help you get your claim done right the first time and avoid the pitfalls of appeals.

Know that you are not alone in your troubles with the VA. It isn't just you, it's all of us. Enjoy the guide. We hope we're of some help to you as you work with VA.

Jim Strickland

The A to Z Guide to Military Veterans Benefits

is maintained in memory of
USMC Master Gunnery Sergeant (E-9) Roy Strickland
Read about Roy Strickland
and his USMC Career by clicking here.
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How To Use the A to Z Guide   
We've laid out topics and links in the column that you should see on the left. Take your time and browse through each one as it interests you.

We often say that filing a claim isn't a spectator sport. You must take some of your time to learn how this all works. If you don't have the time today, how will you ever find the time tomorrow?

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